Throw out your crap!

– Bec Boles

Simplifying my life? When I think of this I think of the environment that I live and work in.

Previously, I was so abhorrent with the concept of hot-desking, as I’m essentially a nester when it comes to work. But coming into the WE LOVE NUMBERS environment, it’s all about being nimble and efficient, and working in creative ways. Being tied to a desk does not meet this definition! Forcing myself to reduce my ‘desk crap’ to whatever I can physically carry, has been the most brilliant move ever. No more holding onto paperwork ‘just in case’. No more post-its all over my screen. Instead, look at it, scan it if needed, and throw it out. Or don’t pick it up in the first place!
My tip this month – take a good look around wherever you are, and start throwing crap out.