The only way to achieve your vision

If you have heard me speak or have worked with me you would know that I am a big vision person. In fact it is so important to me that one of our 4 values is “big apple vision.” To us this represents the importance of us always focusing on the bigger picture. It means making all decisions in the business to fit in with our purpose and BHAG and not just for short term benefits. It also reminds us that we only want to be working with entrepreneurs who have similar big visions.

I have personally realised that in order to achieve your big apple vision you need to focus on one thing more than anything else – SALES.

Lets face it, whether your vision is to be the best, the largest, the most successful, the first or something more aspirational like to solve a World problem you are going to need $$$ to achieve it. What is the only way to make $$$? It is, of course, to sell.

Unfortunately we can get so focused on making our product better and better, thinking that this on its own will bring in sales that we forget to actually sell. Or worse, what is going on in a lot of startups is that instead of selling we get addicted to raising money to fund our growth. What is forgotten by these entrepreneurs is that eventually these investors will want their money back and the only way to do this is to sell something!

The importance of sales seems to have been lost on our generation as we are all highly educated and in potentially have the opinion that sales is below us. To set the record straight, sales are the lifeblood of any business and should always be the number one focus.

I recently wrote an article about the lessons I have learnt about the importance of sales. The biggest takeaway is to ensure you have a sales process, train your salespeople on it and then keep them accountable.

We have recently changed our sales process to ensure that we are adding more value to our prospects.

We are now offering free sessions called Number Vision Tests to interested entrepreneurs where we give them insights about their numbers and help them determine what is or could potentially be holding them back from reaching their goals (this is a part of our sales process!).

As we have a very big vision, and in the spirit of this article, we would be very appreciative if you would tell any entrepreneurs you know, about these free Number Visions Tests and help us reach our growth targets. 🙂 You can apply for a session here.