Start stacking the odds in your favour with shortstack

We have been big fans of social media across our businesses since the beginning. However, what we have lacked in the past was a way to convert our social media fans and followers into actual sales leads.

Last months at our global team retreat, we were lucky enough to have Gina Ledynak an expert in social media and founder of L&A Social and Yours Socially come along and speak to us about leveraging social media. One of the big points that she made was that we need to be converting more out of our social media activities.

A great tip that she gave us was to try using ShortStack to promote an offer we had in the business and to capture contact details of leads.

Being huge fans of trying any technology that is recommended, we quickly tried it in our other business, WE. To kick off the new year we are offerring free Financial Kickstart Sessions and Short Stack was the perfect technology to ensure that our offer looked presentable and also captured leads from Social Media. You can view it live here.

The results have been (and are continuing to be) incredibly successful, it turns out lots of our followers wanted to get in touch with us, but we just hadn’t made it easy enough for them previously.

Short Stack is a great marketing partner for your business and we’re currently in the process of setting it up in order for our own followers to register for a free Number Vision Tests.