Pick up the communication slack, with Slack

If you’re sick of internal email, and spending half your actual day just deleting who-knows-how-many unrelated threads of information that you’ve been copied into every minute, Slack is quite possibly the answer to your prayers.

Slack is essentially a team communications tool, it’s instant messaging but comprises of channels, private channels and direct messaging.

Channels are a place to discuss a certain topic (you can name a channel anything you like, for example we have one called ‘newmembers’ where we discuss applications we have received from potential new members). Anyone can join or leave a channel.

Private channels are the same as regular channels, except that you need to be invited into the channel to see any of the communications. These are really effective for teams, or departments (for example we have one called ‘financeteam’ for all the Profit Coaches, and also one called ‘management’ for discussions that only the management team need to be involved in).

Direct messaging is as the name suggests, a direct message to another team member that only you and them can see.

The best thing about Slack is how well it integrates with all the other software you may use. We share google docs, pdfs and photos for social media regularly, along with starting a google hangout within a channel, or even receiving notifications from our various other systems when a new member applies or when an email is received into our help desk. There’s no end to the integrations you can build into the platform.  

For a company whose mission is to ‘make your working life simpler, more pleasant, and more productive’, we can certainly vouch for the software having done that for our team. We implemented Slack early on in the WE LOVE NUMBERS journey and recently the team over at Wealth Enhancers have followed suit.

In both companies we’ve basically been able to take virtually all internal communication out of email, and as an added benefit we have been able to reduce the amount of meetings being held overall as discussion can happen collaboratively on an ongoing basis.

Slack has apps for your phone and desktop, so it’s always available, but of course you can turn off notifications when you want to go head down, bum up and get your work done.


We love it.