Be Quiet.

-Rebecca Boles

Last week I attended a session with the incredible Dr. Elise Bialylew on Mindfulness for Better Business and Life, hosted by the ladies from the 1902 Club.

It had been lost on me, perennial gym junkie, that I need to be training my brain as actively as I train my lats, quads and heart.
It was a timely reminder (and reassurance) that it will be challenging to start, but that you need to push through that barrier.
Recognise that your mind has a ‘mind of its own’, and accept that!
The brain has the capacity to re-train itself, and even heal the body, if you apply it. Elise’s vision is that people will practice meditation in 10 years time like the way we brush our teeth, it’s just a habit.
You can read more about the benefits of mindfulness here.
And maybe next year you can participate in Mindfulness in May challenge which takes you through a 30 day guided practice, whilst raising funds Charity Water.