Meet the brainiac combating counterfeiters

We always say ‘make it, don’t fake it’ and Vidyuth Srinivasan is doing just that with his startup Entrupy. Their incredibly innovative technology is helping businesses all over the world protect themselves from buying fake luxury goods (think handbags, wallets, etc).


What drives your vision/passion?

The chance of making a global impact on so many levels. Fighting counterfeits and protecting commerce gives us the opportunity, and gives me the impetus to wake up every day. As our company has grown, it’s becoming increasingly important for me to notice, appreciate and be inspired by the value that my team creates.


Best bit of advice you have ever received?

“Clarity of thought is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself” – My father!


Single best decision you have ever made?

Moving to New York with absolutely no plans in my head! It made me realize how lucky I was (friends and family who gave me a leg up), and since then, I’ve tried to spend as much time trying to see / create value with my time.


Earliest high five moment?

Ah! I think the closest possible moment came when I was 12. My parents allowed me to take train journeys by myself to different nearby cities (from Bangalore, India). It wasn’t common even in India in those days! I was happy that my parents thought I was hardy enough to go out and see the world by myself! Less of a high-five, but a self-affirmative moment that awakened the adventurer in me.


Best perk of being an entrepreneur?

I have learnt so much in the past 4 years about myself, my life, my friends and values that on a philosophical level, I am absolutely chuffed yet humbled! On a mental level, it is one of the most growth-oriented things one can do for themselves. Every day you are pushing yourself, learning and trying to improve your focus, planning and learning to execute.


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