How to run the world

In my humble (and not at all biasedÂ đŸ˜‰ ) opinion,  entrepreneurs are the future of business. As ‘traditional’ employment is taking a knock worldwide, entrepreneurs are making it happen. Successful entrepreneurs are one (or three) steps ahead of the curve, and we should all take a leaf out of their books!


So, we decided to ask a few of our successful entrepreneurs for their “Top tip that any entrepreneur can implement today.”

Wesley, the director of Rara Architecture, gave us these great tips:

  1. Having too much work is a good problem, having not enough is a bad one.
  2. Always ALWAYS trust your instincts. They are right.
  3. There’s nothing wrong with sticking your finger in lots of pies, even when you have more pies than fingers, but you must acknowledge that you’re not a master of all trades – let the experts do what they know for maximum output and only tamper if you know better by your training and experience..

Very wise words from a very wise man!


Eli, the co-founder of KX Cycle said, “Meditation is my tip, helps me as an entrepreneur focus, quietens my mind, improves my awareness and balances each day out :-)”

It seems that all the cool people are meditating these days, and balance is something that is all-important for any entrepreneur.


So, movers and shakers, let go take on the world!

Article written by Community Lover Nikki Van Reenen, who has gone for a meditation session now…