Ever wondered what your team really think?

I certainly have.

Last year at an EO event I learned of Tiny Pulse, a confidential survey tool used to gauge the cultural health of your company. This technology has been a great addition to our bag of tricks, and has resulted in a far more candid approach to how things are running within the team.

On a weekly basis I get a feel for how things are tracking, and how the team are feeling in general. Where there are issues I have a chance to address them right away, rather than letting things fester until something, or someone, explodes!

I’m enjoying the opportunity this is giving me to continue to grow as a leader, especially the fact that it allows me time to digest something before I discuss it with the team. Rather than throwing out the first ‘solution’ that pops into my head, I’ve got time to think things through and collaborate with the team to create great outcomes.


Article written by Finn Kelly. Our fearless leader. He spies on our feelings with Tiny Pulse and we like it.