5 Minutes with Selena Cuffe, co-founder of Heritage Link Brands

We love wine, and we especially love drinking wine that’s changing the world. This month we chatted with Selena Cuffe, the incredibly honest and passionate, co-founder of Heritage Link Brands. A company best known for its internationally renowned, award-winning wines sourced from indigenous, previously disenfranchised producers, around the world. We love having Heritage Link Brands in the community.


When did the shi*t hit the fan?

Things hit the fan when we began accidentally shipping the wrong product to our customers! We began receiving a fast and steady stream of purchase orders, and we didn’t have the infrastructure to fulfill them seamlessly. As a result of being in such a rush, the team began missing little things and making silly mistakes that led our customers to call in to either alert of an incorrect order they had received or to inquire about the status of an order (i.e. was it ready for pick up). But since their orders were buried somewhere within my inbox at the time, the answers were too often, “I’m sorry about the mixup” or “Our apologies for the delay”. I always believed that if a business starts delivering subpar service to its customers (as we were), then it’s on the road to disaster. Working with WE LOVE NUMBERS allows us to chart a new course!


What drives your vision/passion?

I’m driven by knowing that the products we import / export have high social impact! Our portfolio doesn’t include box brands, owned by big corporate entities. Instead we source from family owned businesses, many of color, that also are certified fair trade, sustainable, organic, and / or women owned. It feels pretty sweet knowing that our work is transforming the way cultures and industries are doing business.

When did you almost throw in the towel?

In 2007 when cash flow was slow, my husband and I asked God for a sign to continue the business. The next day, our first contract with a major airline was awarded.

Best way you have ever celebrated a win?

Got pregnant three times. Whenever the business does well, I get pregnant with a new kid!


Best perk of being an entrepreneur?
The flexibility to be able to attend children’s recitals/appointments without a care in the world!