5 mins with Jake Ranallo

Jake from Spruce Design has what it takes. If you are looking for someone to put some creative design into your great idea, they can do it for you. We got to know Jake a bit better:

  1. Toughest business lesson you’ve ever had to learn? How to pick the right partners to work with to avoid getting burnt – this is especially true with software developers.
  2. Biggest win in your career to date? Making the decision to leave full time work and go out into the chaotic world of startups. I’ve never regretted it.
  3. If you could give one piece of advice to your startup self, what would it be? Keep going. Two minute noodles will be a thing of the past in no time.
  4. Briefly describe ‘a day in the life’ of you… After my predictable morning Vegemite toast my days are an unpredictable mess of project management, business development, account management, creative direction, running from meeting to meeting, and occasionally actually designing something.
  5. What’s your favourite food or drink Burgers. Especially Pub Life Kitchen, Mister Gee’s, Five Points, Mary’s and Bar Luca. Check them all out.